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October 06, 2014


Suddenly that footlong BMT on wheat with provolone, spinach, tomato, red onions, black olives, green peppers, and a skosh of Dijon tastes even better than it did when I ate it. So will the Oreos and whole milk I have for dessert. Because I Eat Like a Woman.

On another note, I just took my fat butt on a hike that averaged a 30% grade over bedrock and rolling boulders. Because I Eat Like a Woman Who Doesn't Need to be Thin in Order to Live.

More on this: Intuitive eating sometimes runs up against the remaining WW/fat hate tapes that linger in my head. Like this:

ME: Why am I contemplating ordering a footlong? I can't finish a footlong. I'd feel stuffed, which makes me sluggish and tired.

MY INTUITION: Trust me, today you want a footlong. You went up a mountain.

ME: But greedy and bad and being seen in public ordering/consuming satisfying food while fat and and and...

MY INTUITION: Ahem. Mountain.

ME: Good fat-free chicken breasts?

MY INTUITION: Meaty meat meat MEAT, with cheese. Seriously, trust me. Chicken breasts will not fill you up today. Even with cheese. And a little Dijon and, no, you need extra animal fat today. On a footlong. And lots of water, please.

ME: Okayyyy... *orders and eats footlong BMT with provolone etc.* *isn't even full, just satisfied* Oh.

MY INTUITION: Yep. Hey, it's that time of the month--skip the ice cream, have chocolate cookies for dessert, OK?

I bet I'm not alone in this!

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