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September 23, 2013


Thank you, Lara. You hit the nail on the head. Or to use a less, um, extreme image, you put the cheese on the macaroni. I would love to see medical personnel "measure" the health of fat people -always a questionable venture at best, but it would measure what they like to measure- when stigma and bias were removed from the equation. I'll bet we would see some confused looks. Then again, maybe they would finally get with the HAES program/paradigm!

"Sears: Good medicine means encouraging children and giving them the tools to get lean. An occasional child might be pushed over into anorexia, but I think the situation that you mention in Seattle is an overreaction and represents unwarranted fear."

*backs away from computer in horror* Oh God they know it's happening, and they think it's okay! It's like the horr film has become reality, AAAAHHHH!

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