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April 22, 2013


Just FYI, I've always gotten most of my suits at Jones New York outlets. They only go up to a 24, but their clothes run big, and you can get a well made plus-sized wool suit from them. Also, an off the rack suit will usually need to be tailored, for anyone. They almost never fit perfectly right off the bat. It's just something to include in the planned cost, and it's why they look so good.

I'm not sure what size you are, but gotta echo the love for Jones NY. They tend to be pretty conservative, so last quite a while without going out of style. I'm on the high side of 22 and very short.

Also- I wear suits regularly, and buy a lot at Talbots. At full price they are very spendy, but they have a lot of sales. Their quality is the best, and their women's petites are the only pants in the world I could walk out of the store in without altering.
If you are lucky enough to find one of their clearance stores during sale time, they often have no item over $19.99 or $24.99. I've gotten gorgeous wool suits under $50 in the summer. Off season is the way to go!

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