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April 29, 2013


Finally someone is discussing was driving me crazy! These food trends becoming weight loss plans is not new, but I guess as I become more in tune with my own body, I also have zero patience for the food rules that seem to come from thin air.

I find I don't quite have the tolerance for sweets as I used to when I was younger, I also find I prefer spicier and spicier foods and I used to shudder at the sight of a Tabasco bottle LOL! I figure it is a matter of my taste buds changing as I get older.

I have had to give up gluten and it is a royal pain in the ass and the people who've jumped on the band wagon as the newest "health" fad need to have a clue bat applied to their heads. It is expensive and not easy. GF substitutes for many products cost way more then the original, so you end up either giving up on them or learn how to make them from scratch, which can be tricky for people who either can't cook or don't have the time. Granted, for those of us who love to cook, having to explore naturally gluten free cuisines from around the world is fun (but can also get expensive if you can't get the ingredients locally).

But at no point in the process have I lost weight, that I know of. I do know a couple people who did, but their gluten intolerance is so severe they lost weight pretty much because they were starving to death due to the damage the gluten was doing to them and even now can't gain a pound no matter how much they want to thanks to it.

I will admit, I do have something with gluten in it every once in a while. I can tolerate small amounts (tho the amount of the small amount can vary day to day) and there are times where I just decide I HAVE to have a slice or piece of something and hope the enjoyment is worth whatever the cost. Tho I am finding I don't do that as often as I used to as I have found what I can make is tastier then the original.

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