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March 04, 2013


Cam's body mass index -- an indicator of body fat in relation to height and weight -- put him in the category of obese.

Ha ha. As you know, the BMI is a ratio of height and weight. That's all. :/

Super. The kids will be comparing notes in regard to their report cards, and taunting each other with the backing of teachers as well the parents. I don't see any way this could end badly!


My 6 year old is in the tenth percentile for height and the 30th for weight. (so short and small) but for kids it isn’t just BMI but your *percentile * BMI. Hers was apparently near the line for obese (85th percentile, I believe) The pediatrician spoke about restricting what she eats or changing it.! I was speechless. She is the littlest kid in her class and was still in a 5 point harness car seat at 5 because she is so petite. I was truly dumbfounded.

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