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March 11, 2013


I've always said most of the whole "Curbing obesity" or "health" discussing regarding fat or overweight individuals is superficially motivated. now I don't doubt that a lot of studies and articles may be for helpful reasons, however when you read comments and look at the media a lot of time it's rare to see sincere commentary about fat people and health. When a fat person loses weight no one questions him or her how they did it, they just say "Finally! Good for her/him"? They totally disregard any other logical explanation like possible illness, or cancer as long as they've satisfied their thin craving. I totally agree that if most of the nation or world had horrible eating habits and health problems but never got fat no one would complain. I see on youtube all the time thinner college kids and people making food reviews and vlogs of all kinds of fastfood, chips, pizzas and burgers and not one comment bashing them about their health and consumptions. But all the time regarding fat people it's a bash fest filled with assumptions about why they're fat. It's horrible how distorted the view of "healthy" has become.

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