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February 11, 2013


You're probably right, and in any case guys who are attracted to people with low self-esteem are probably creepy predators, but still...

Ultimately the message to people with low self-esteem is "Yep, you ARE totally unlovable as you are." Um, OK, I guess I'll just die alone.

I agree 1000% with this post. It's not about how much we weigh or how much we don't weigh. What it means is how much confidence we exude.

When my self esteem (self confidence) is at its peak regardless what the scale shows I ooze sex appeal. When I am feeling crappy about myself -- I am turn into the biggest wall flower on the planet.

My husband fell in love with me because he found me funny, sexy, smart, and together -- he also loved my curves. But his attraction wasn't because I was fat or thin -- his attraction to me was the whole package.

I am glad I was feeling confident and sexy that day:)

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