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October 01, 2012


I've seen those commercials. :( They make me feel all sorts of uncomfortable. Ugh.

My 7 year old mentioned that one of the kids in her class whispered to her that so-and-so is fat. I wasn't sure what the right response was but talked her through this as I would any other comment that was discriminatory. I suggested that if it happened again she could say, "Why do you care?" or "Please don't say things like that about our classmates, they're hurtful" or "So f-ing what?" Ok the last one, I just thought, but seriously, doncha just want to smack the parents? I then showed her the newscaster's video and we had a long talk about what you know about someone if they are fat (or skinny or black or short or tall, etc). She concluded that you really know nothing about who the person is, just what they look like. I also explained that fitness does not equal skinny just like fatness does not equal lack of fitness. And I think she got it. But it goes directly against what the schools are brainwashing these kids with.

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