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July 23, 2012


Fat swimmer chiming in here.
Wish I had wise words for you, but I have this experience a lot, too. I go waaaay out of my way (swim at 5;30 AM) to avoid crowded pools so I don't have to explain myself over and over again.

No-I don't need to be in the slow lane, already.

Glad to hear these ladies are getting some of the support they need.

I apologize in advance if this seems nitpicky, but 570lbs is not Ms Robles' bench press. Rather, it is her combined total in the clean & jerk and the snatch.

At the Olympic Trials back on Mar. 4, she lifted 114 kg (251.25 lbs) in the snatch and 140 kg (308.5 lbs) in the clean & jerk for a total weight of 258 kg (568.75 lbs). In training, her totals have been even higher: 118 kg (260 lbs) in the snatch and 150 kg (330.5 lbs) in the clean & jerk for a combined total of 590lbs. (Source:

"The pool I go to is overcrowded and often filled with obnoxious people who don't seem to comprehend other people are in the pool with them."

This doesn't really have a lot to do with the rest of the post, but I didn't know you were here in NYC, and lately I really feel as though "pool" in this nice rant could replaced with "sidewalk".

I've been wondering for sometime if there was something infused in the water or air recently I didn't know about, because seriously ... people these days seem completely oblivious.

(Here via the Feed)

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