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July 16, 2012


Nicely said. I mostly did "sensible" diets but even those had me headed down the road towards eating-disordered behaviors. When I realized that, I stopped dieting and those behaviors stopped too. I really think I saved myself a lot of grief by recognizing and stopping this in its tracks early on.

BTW, I found great relief for heartburn issues with acupuncture. My heartburn got greatly intensified by pregnancy, but didn't leave afterwards, sadly. I was miserable sometimes. In my last pregnancy, I saw a doula who was also an acupuncturist. I mentioned it in passing and she did some points for heartburn. It intensified the symptoms for me for about a day or so, and then it went away and stayed away. It was amazing. Every once in a great while, I get the points redone, but it's like night and day from what it was.

Just something to consider if it still bothers you.

Your article is really good, come to support the next ah! ! !

Nice post. And on my birthday too. But should read 'increased mortality' in the para about your post. You might want to put speech marks around the second quote too. I got confused because I thought this was you talking, rather than, I"m guessing, a quote from the piece in Punch. I didn't read it because sometimes I just don't have enough strength and/or sanity points to take on all the negative stuff. Feel free to delete this once you've seen it. It was just a heads up. Ang x

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