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May 14, 2012


No no no. Seats used to be BIGGER on airlines. I can remember 20 and even occasionally 21 inch wide seats and I ain't Methuselah. They've shrunk a few inches over the years.
I'm feeling a little cynical today, and I must say that for a group like fat people that lacks political and social power, the ability to crush a country into oblivion is a refreshing change. Not that I personally want to do such a thing, but it's nice knowing that we could. "Better treat me well, or I'll crush your country into oblivion and you with it!". Ah. I feel much better now.

Instead of dieting for the past 30 years, we've been "double-fisting Quarter Pounders" and not running, dontchya know?
So it's people like this who assume we "stuff our faces" and "sit on the couch" vs. people like us who know better. But people always seem to prefer to believe the worst of people. It always seems that way, doesn't it? For actors and actresses and especially in politics. Hearsay is fact in this world. I think THAT is an "epidemic" more than anything else!

You have to love yourself for who you really are, and that is big and beautiful. Ladies, size is sexy. Forget what the media, forget that shit, you are beautiful. It's time to come out and show what you are workin' with. Be fat-tastic, be proud.

Bones are for dogs, but cows are sacred!

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