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April 23, 2012


How, exactly, do you tell the fashion industry to "stick it"? How do you boycott an industry when they're not making products for you in the first place? Even at Fat Flea, you're still buying fashion, even if it's second-hand fashion.
Not all of us have the time, equipment or talent to make our own clothes, either. And what about shoes?
Just buying less fashion doesn't work either. We've been forced to do this for a long time anyway, due to lack of options. Then the fashion industry concludes that fat people just don't want to buy clothes and it's not worthwhile providing more.

Regardless of their size, you can't consider the quinttaiy of material in that way when it comes to clothes. You're paying for something that you believe looks good or is brand name or suits the weather and fits to your comfort. As a skinny person, I do know where you're coming from. If you're good at sewing like my girlfriend, you'll buy the XL shirts, and change it to a new outfit. This only really benefits you if you're buying larger sizes for making more clothes hahaReferences :

im a fashion dnesgeir. my fat people clothes ROCK! there made for the especially for the fat, and the fattest. i can fit like 12 of me in one pair of pants! woot! .oh yeh, and fat people clothes should cost more because of the more fabric.References : i feel fat and sassy!

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