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October 19, 2011


This is absolutely lovely. I think yiou're right about how it will be easier to accept an ageing body when you've accepted your body as is.

I've spoken to so many women who put all of their stock into their appearance, only to freak out when they got older and suddenly going to the gym twice a week wasn't enough to keep them the same. It probably didn't make much difference before, to be honest.

Anyway! This was a great post and it made my morning to read it.

From another middle-aged chick, WELL SAID.

I have learned to love my (thin) body but just because I have never been fat doesn't mean that I haven't struggled with body issues or felt criticized for my body. I fear though that I am going to struggle when I hit middle age. I'm only 27 but I already don't like people telling me that I look anything over 21. I have always looked young in person but photograph my age or older depending on my makeup, so I am used to people telling me to my face that I look 18 even though I am 27 and I have always enjoyed that. I suppose if I keep living a healthy life, I will tend to look younger anyway...but I still fear that fear I will eventually face. By that time, my modeling and pageant career will have been long over so my looks may not be as important to my opportunities and my work as they are now. I am confident I will learn to pull through it.

I love it, Lara! When Kate Harding posted on the fantasy of being thin, I realized that my fantasy at the time was "if I'm thin, I'll be young again."

We have so much pressure to "age gracefully" (i.e. look young and thin while you are doing it). I have found that the best thing for the wrinkles on my face and the grey hair is to quit stressing, primarily quit stressing about trying to look young or thin. One of the most beautiful sights I've seen is a happy, serene, older, wrinkled, chubby face.

You put this so graciously and lovingly that the only thing I can do in response is nod yes yes yes and smile.

Thanks from all of us who are of "a certain age." :))

I love this post. I see my mom (now in her mid-50s) struggling a lot with aging and I always try to be supportive and remind her of things I learned from the FA movement.

Thankyou for posting this, I am 22 and I have always been, I think, more aware of my own mortality than the average for my age, but this really gave me some useful perspective about not fearing that I will be less healthy when I get older, because, yeah, I almost certainly will be, at least eventually (I say this because I am currently making changes to work towards healthier eating and more exercise, not for weight loss but for health, and for all I know I may actually be healthier a year from now if I keep it up), but I will still be inhabiting my body, it will still be what I live in, what I am (my brain is part of my body after all) and hating it for not being as able to bounce back as it was once won't make me happier, it will stop me from enjoying the good things I do have in my life and making the best of the time I have left.

Really an adorable post.I am very much stressed coz of my over weight.And I have found that the best thing for the wrinkles on my face and the grey hair is to quit stressing, primarily quit stressing about trying to look young or thin.

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