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September 26, 2011


I've said all along that the diet industry has never been about health. It's always been about getting our money out of our pockets and into theirs at the expense of our self-esteem and health while using the excuse that we'll "look better and feel better *results not typical*". Yeah, color me skeptical - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

But you know where there is money to be made in fat people not losing weight?

- Clothes that fit us and are cut in fashionable styles
- Exercise equipment that will accommodate our bodies
- Furniture sturdy enough to hold us without breaking (especially toilet seats)
- Books on loving our bodies and caring for them just the way they are
- Seminars to help people learn to put body stigma behind them and appreciate the human form in all its glorious variations

And these are just a few ideas that popped into my head right off the top.

Part of the problem is that people can no longer see that there is any way to deal with fat than as a problem to be solved. If it becomes simply a part of the landscape, we all gain. And believe me, there will be people lining up to profit off of that!

I can think of waaaay better uses for the money. Such as...

-A viable reason to put an end to the Alternative Minimum Tax so even the wealthy don't have to get taxed though this tax often hurts families who claim a large number of dependent exemptions and have a combined income of more than $80K (I'm a tax accountant and a total nerd about it.) I would say that this money could give tax credits to working families and individuals who are hurting and usually make $1 over the limit to get food stamps-- I'd called it the Screwed by Bureaucracy Credit. I'd also call for making other transactions tax-free (like starting new businesses and thus creating jobs.)

-Instituting nationalized healthcare and putting an end to murderous insurance companies, and including dental and vision plans so that no one has to lose access to quality care based on ability to pay and/or bureaucratic hold-ups.

-Better public transportation and infrastructure so that it doesn't cost a fortune to ride Amtrak and trains come more often. Plus make areas all over the country (not just cities) more pedestrian-accessible so that people overall can become less dependent on cars. If more people could walk everywhere, it would be great for overall health and environmental impact.

-The elimination of NAFTA to create more jobs in America.

-Community funds that provide legal defense, tax accountants for IRS and state appeals, and other services pro bono to people who need help and cannot afford it. There's plenty of legal defense funds but nothing for people who owe taxes and can't afford a real accountant to appeal.

-Starting new businesses that operate with actual customer care in mind, like new airlines that don't hassle people and make them sit on the runway for 3 hours for no reason after a TSA grope session.

-Many, many, more but I wouldn't mind taking a chunk of that money for myself to pay my medical bills, CPE obligations, and the huge amount of money I need to start a new business and take a real vacation!

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