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August 15, 2011


Thanks for bravely sharing this story, Lara. How much healthier you must feel now, having come to honor your body! I know I, for one, am thrilled you're so abundantly, joyfully, beautifully embodied.

Thanks for posting this! And I love your book!

Brilliant riposte!

Fabulous post! I love hearing how people found acceptance. <3

Thank you for your bravery in sharing this story.

As for reflux, many cases can be greatly improved with acupuncture, if you are open to that.

Atkins is certainly not for everyone.

My life partner was on it for several months and nearly went into renal failure since she was spilling so much protein (what they term "success" in getting to the ketosis you never got to).

When she started it, I told her I would support her in her choices, but I would not necessarily follow along. In hearing your experience and living thru hers, I thank my lucky stars I hung on to my conviction.

wow! going to emergency room because of not eating carbs? really?? did you drink coffee that day or take any caffeine pills, because this would explain))

Thank you so much for writing this. I too have a hard time accepting myself as I am and have tried dieting to excess. You are so encouraging that you have found that acceptance.

I didn't see this originally, but saw it from your more recent post about it. Thank you for sharing your Atkins experience. I also tried a low-carb approach briefly (not to lose weight but to deal with PCOS) and couldn't believe how horrible I felt on it. Not heart palpitations but really really awful. I'm not a fan of these ultra-low carb approaches. Bleah.

BTW, the best thing I found for GERD was acupuncture. I totally did NOT expect that to work for me but it's been amazingly helpful. No meds, no need to restrict food, no antacids, just very occasionally get the point re-done. It does take a few treatments to really kick in, and I did find that the treatments intensified the symptoms for a day or two before they started kicking them, but once past that phase, it totally made a HUGE difference. Can't believe how much better I feel now.....something to consider anyhow.

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