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July 11, 2011


Goood post!!!


"it has to do with the right of a person to not be discriminated against because they go against the 'norm.'"

I like that formulation a lot. When some bodies are normalized by society, and on the other hand, some bodies are "abnormalized," that treats human variation as if it's pathological, which is just absurd to me.

I agree as a fat guy I am tired of having my lifw experiences prejudged by the story-lines of TV shows like "The King of Queens" or the lives of men who are little more than chubby


I can't stand the way people justify discrimination by saying the person should simply change if they don't like being treated badly. If a person could change their race would that make racism ok? Of course not!!!

Personally, I find skinny people very unattractive. Bones and skin. YUCK. I don't really like how very muscular people look either, like someone got carried away with a bicycle pump. Does that make me treat said people badly? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Wanting everyone in the world to be what you find attractive is like killing all the orchids in the world just because you like roses. RIDICULOUS.

I have a dream that one day all people will be judged by the content of their character and NOT by their containers.

Thank you for this blog. This recently happened to me for a job interview for a receptionist. I was contacted over the phone and I thought I had this job. It seemed like I was the perfect candidate! When I got there I saw my interviewee was a very petite and slender woman--90 pounds soaking wet. I wasn't worried, though, because I knew I would ace the interview with my personality.

I never got the chance. I was asked maybe 2 or 3 questions, and was shuffled out in less than 3 minutes of leaving my car! The interview was literally 3 minutes long. I thought about it all day and night and could not come up with a logical explanation.

But I will not give up! Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe I'll snag a good job that offers even more money! Or maybe not. But we'll see! I mean, I live in the South, and it's not like fat people are a rarity down here, LOL.

Thanks for posting.

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