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June 20, 2011


I grew up in fairly prosperous school districts, where we could afford gym every day and the school cafeteria was good... even the supposedly unhealthy options like pizza and burgers were the healthiest possible examples of those items by the standard of the times (whole wheat wasn't a buzz word yet, so the buns and crust were still plain white bread). Actual recognizable vegetables on the pizza, and the burgers came with lettuce and tomato. We even had an enormous salad bar quite on par with what one would expect to see in those salad bar restaurants as far as options and variety of veggies goes.

And yet, there were still fat kids. Including at least one that I can say with certainty didn't play video games and watch tv all day, but instead was usually out biking, swimming, climbing things, etc. And I was still fat.

So even if we got them to admit that these programs of eliminating fat kids don't work, we still need to convince them that any program to eliminate inactive kids as a back door to weight loss won't work either.

Even with all the cards stacked in favor of health and thinness, some kids are still going to be fat, and some kids (both fat and thin) still won't be perfectly healthy no matter how much you try to blame them for it.

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