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April 04, 2011


I'd love to visit the Grand Canyon and Phoenix and Tucson, and several other places in Arizona, but as long as they have policies in place that treat Hispanics like second class citizens and think fat people can lose weight (and keep it off forever) in order to improve their health (and if they don't, they're going to charge them for being on Medicaid), no thanks, I'll visit other states instead and detour around Arizona.

Perhaps it's better just to read about it in Tony Hillerman's books. Sometimes things don't live up to your imagination anyway. In the meantime, if you don't mind Mormons, Utah has some really nice rock formations and a place called the "Rainbow Bridge" stone which might be better. The only thing is their beer has half the alcohol percentage of every other state. Blame it on Maroni. Or Joseph Smith. Or a white lizard from Rochester, NY.

Not only that, the proposal is only going to apply to childless fat people. That means if I lived in Arizona, I would be a direct target. So not only are they discriminating against "the obese" (and I wonder what would determine being obese for this proposal) they are also stigmatizing those that either chose not to have children or want to but can't physically.

I also cringed at the Democratic challenger who said that it's unfair because it targets people who are fat "through no fault of their own." So someone who is fat just because doesn't deserve protection from this awful plan. Disgusting!

Come to the PA Grand Canyon. I'll give you a personal tour. (Our governor has his own douchey streak but its not aimed at fat people. Not specifically, anyway.)

They're discrimnating against the people deciding not to have children, the ones lowering the growing population, and therfore the cost of caring for people?

Well i guess they can't charge people who keep breeding children, they'll organize and have a protest. So charging people putting aside their animal desires to mate and breed, will have to be penalized. The people who are not contributing to the growing population, yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

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