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March 14, 2011


The thing that absolutely breaks my heart on this kind of thing is that the people creating these ads and campaigns actually and sincerely believe they're doing a good thing.

Sometimes, going through the internet, I wonder if it would be at all useful for someone to gather together all the little expressions of fat hatred and repost them all in one spot... maybe if people actually had to SEE all the hate that is bandied about in one spot, they might start to realize the damage this does to people.

Then I remember that the target audience, the people I would most want to SEE what their campaigns and rhetoric has caused others to think is appropriate, would never ever see that site. At best they would (if exposed to the site) simply claim that if we don't want to be insulted like that we should simply stop being fat.

I do live in Nevada, and I will.

I don't understand why anti-bullying language has to say anything about groups at all.. it should be "no bullying for any reason"

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