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February 21, 2011


I was just ranting about this on Twitter today after reading an article quoting some "author" called Daniel Akst who claims that "Lacking self control is what is making you fat."

I'd like to see Daniel Akst spending 20 years starving himself and exercising to dangerous levels in desperation to be thin and see if he still thinks about willpower.

Most fat people I know have spent a lifetime desperately trying to get thin. They've dieted, they've exercise binged, lots of them have been devoted to eating disorders. If that's not willpower, what is?

"(despite having yet to find a study proving that really works in the long run.)"

Out of interest, do you disagree that exercise requires energy from food (or fat should you have burned all of the energy gained food you have eaten...

or that eating less will give you less calories than before, forcing your body to burn fat instead of the food you would have eaten in order to maintain basic survival

both of these are well documented, one such study (published in Journal of the American Medical Association, a very highly regarded scientific journal) can be found here:

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