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February 14, 2011


Rereading the lyrics to Fat Bottom Girls, it sort of reads like a tale of child molestation that the singer is happy to have been the victim of. Disturbing!

I enjoyed the Silly Love Songs episode of Glee and felt on the whole it was fat-positive. I would suspect that the Glee producer(s) are at least somewhat aware of fat acceptance.

Not having watched Glee, this reminds me of "Fat Bottomed Girls" in the web comic Questionable Content. From ep 537
PANEL 3 / Faye: Anyway, pick another one- I can deconstruct and reveal the true meaning of almost any classic tune. I'm like the oracle of Delphi only dirtier and less cryptic. / Marten: Okay, how about an easy one. "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen. / Faye: Ironically, that song really is just about fat-bottomed girls and their invaluable contribution to the consistency of the earth's rotation. / PANEL 4 / Marten: I had no idea Freddie Mercury knew so much about geophysics.

Later, in ep 1072, Faye is less then thrilled when a potential suitor sings "Fat Bottomed Girls" at karaoke...implying that it's not just about the song, but the context ;)

"But not all fat women would be happy to being serenaded with a song calling them fat"

You spoke a bit about FA. I thought a big part of FA was to reclaim the word fat as a descriptive word and not an insult. From what I read about FA, (which stands for Fat Acceptance, which would be accepting fat, which would be called something diffrent if fat was a dirty word) it would be accepted that Lauren is fat. It doesnt reflect negitively on her character, it doesnt make her lazy or stupid or ugly or anything negitive. She's just fat.
Also I don't see what glee, as a show, has to do with the word transsexual not being used. I'm pretty sure Fox as a network had more to do with that.

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