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July 19, 2010


Well people shouldn't expect a pill will solve all their problems. Chalk that up to the quick-fix cure-all mentality we have in our society.

Most diet pills are powerful aphetamines, an addictive stimulant (it's actually speed). The lowered appetite is a side effect of the drug, not its main purpose. The drug is to give people energy and alertness, its given to people with ADD and given to fighter pilots flying long missions through the night.

The only safe way to lose weight and get in shape is through hard work (exercise) and proper nutrition. Anything else ranges from mildly bad for you to very dangerous. It's not easy, but it's well worth it.

Obesity Rating in electronic health records is definitely the most stupid idea I've ever heard! It really doesn't make sense.

Regarding the drugs...I've reached the conclusion that most drugs do you more harm than good. They treat a disease and cause countless others (in some way).

And I agree with Chris. there is no magic pill that you take now and in 3 weeks and 4 days you'll be in a great shape. Will power combined with exercise and nutrition is what works.

The pills keep coming because the vast majority of dieters find it impossible to lose weight. Doctors are desperate for a "solution" and, convinced that their patients are not actually dieting, are willing to intervene in other ways. "Overweight" patients, fed a constant barrage of fear by their doctors and hate from the rest of the world, are often willing to go to whatever lengths to lose weight. Pills are no more a solution than dieting, and they are not a quick fix. They are a method of last resort for people at the end of their rope. Who but a person convinced of their lack of self-worth would put up with oily feces? Or the risk of heart failure, vision loss (Qnexa).

If your health is bad, treat your condition. Take care of your body. Don't abuse it by insisting on weight loss. If you enjoy good health and you are fat, enjoy your health! And take care of your body by eating well and doing fun exercise.

I totally disagree that pills cannot solve problems. Thinking that they can't is just the old Puritan ethic in action. Okay, they won't solve all your problems, but neither will diet and exercise.
I've just seen too many instances in my life where medicine does solve problems. Instances where people would be dead or disabled or have to endure a vastly reduced quality of life without them.
Now I have no way of knowing if Chris or Alex feel this way, but I've encountered many people who have the attitude that weight loss somehow doesn't count if you haven't "worked hard" for it.
I've also met people who for all the world appear to be in great shape, yet live their life like slobs in many ways. Where did will power come into it? People come in many varieties.
So what is the solution? The solution is to treat fat people well and fairly and to teach others to do so when you can. It just requires (ahem) a little willpower to not join in the teasing and shaming.

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