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December 07, 2009


"Apparently 1 in 10 fat people either don't know they are fat or think they are okay at their size..." study is crap. Did you read this bit in the article?:

"Participants who didn't think they were obese were less likely to go to a physician ... Among those who had a doctor visit, nearly 40 percent of the people with misperceptions about body size said their doctor mentioned they needed to lose weight. That's compared with about 70 percent of those in the know about their obesity."

It's not great that these people don't know what their body looks like - we should all be aware of our bodies. But the implication of this section seems to be that these delusional fatties should go to the doctor so they can be told to lose weight, fatty. How tempting!

Re: Fatties being too stupid to know we're fat. Um, yeah, no. I know that the medical community as a whole thinks I need to lose weight. I, however, know my body and my health, and am perfectly healthy at my current weight. Luckily I have a doctor who backs me up.

Pfft. That whole "Fats too stupid to know they are fat." I took a survey a while ago that was obviously bised to get this result. I think they probably asked if people were happy at the size they were, and if people said yes the people in charge went "OH NOES."

Maybe the results shoudl be "1 in 10 fat people are happy in their own skin, and that is AWESOME"

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