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August 31, 2009


Ohhh, liver problems? Is that all??? At least it doesn't cause something really bad like ugliness. It is obviously worth the risk not to be fat ;)

Well, as long as the study proves what they want, I guess it's ok to publish it. Right? *rolls eyes*

Sincerely, Sarah. A fat chick in college. lol. With an A average.

The study that shows reduced brain tissue (ie. stupid fat people)was done on people 70 years old or older. And in spite of doctors continually telling us we could live forever if ONLY we weren't so damn fat, people who are 70 yrs old commonly experience brain deterioration. It's called aging - it happens.
Could it possibly be that they were fat because they had brain loss? Why in the hell would you assume one and not the other?
Why would you assume any correlation at all?

Well the correlation was there, but as my Psych 101 teacher drilled into our minds over and over and over again, "correlation is not causality."

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