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August 17, 2009


Can I join you on the killer whale??

Haha this was awesome!

I posted a take down of that article about the Cleveland Clinic on my blog, but I like this fantasy convo so much better :-D

"And then this completely cool, drop dead gorgeous, employed and ZOMG happy fat person--me--rides in on a mighty Killer Whale, flattens all three of these nimrods and screams "NOW YOU'RE REALLY THIN!!""

That's hilarious. I would love it if this kind of thing happened on a regular basis.

Huzzah! Each one of these stories caused me such consternation that my brain overflowed with frustrated, unwritten rants that I simply didn't have the time to communicate. Thank you, thank you, thank you for nailing them all in such a wonderful and succinct matter.

That said, don't forget to steer Willy the Killer Whale toward Dr. Jason Newsom. He deserves a good flattening for his oh-so-subtle attack on obesity/doughnuts (

Lucy: it was a perfect storm of three stupid people and high heat and humidity in NYC that brought out this post.

*lol* You rock, Lara. This was exactly what I needed to read today.

Lara, I love your perfect storm and I love "you the superheroine". I think we need to hear more about you and your whale in your adventures as you fight for truth, justice and the fat American way! This would make a wonderful political cartoon. Do we have any illustrators out there who could illustrate your adventure?

Looking forward, Peggy

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