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July 20, 2009


Most size acceptance group mottos aren't "Hooray for McDonalds! Bulldoze that Park!" (I guess that's similar to NAAFA's motto of "We Come In All Sizes." Both mottos have letters in them.)

If I'm going to pick a first time to tell you that you rule, I guess now would be good.

But the fat/poor analogy is an interesting one, because there is similar bias against both groups (which of course overlap), in that both fat people and poor people are largely thought to have "done it to themselves" and that they're in the situation they're in because they're lazy and irresponsible, and that more censure by their "betters" is what's needed to get them to atone. (Affluent liberals only think they don't actually believe this about the poor, but just watch the eww-cooties reaction when they actually have to be in physical proximity of lower-caste people.)

How can you argue that being overweight is a natural unavoidable thing for most people when it has only recently been prevalent? How is it that obesity has risen somewhat in relation to the rise of junk food and larger portion sizes if people are meant to be fat and diets always fail? Just wondering what your explanation would be for that.

I have to second Jane's question. There is a direct relation between the dramatic rise in obesity during the past 30 years and the increased availability of low-cost junk food and large portion sizes. I don't agree that being "large" is natural. It seems to me that it's a question of choice....the choice of putting all that over-sized and ever-present junk food in one's mouth or not.

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