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July 06, 2009


That NYTimes article was, as usual, inane. What's most galling about it is that it was written by Tara Parker-Pope, who regularly writes such columns and continues to write drivel even as her own paper discusses things like fat not being a killer, the dismal number of success stories, and how fat people are given bad advice from doctors.

The head doesn't know what the tail is doing because the head has itself up the tail's ass.

Okay, so isn't Kelly Brownell a fat guy? From the photo attached to the NYT article and others I've seen, he appears to be genuinely fat. So what is the deal? Is he not motivated to lose weight?

I keep wanting to tell the "insufficient motivation" people (yeah, I've got insufficient motivation to push a BMW down the street all day instead of driving it, too, what the heck is wrong with me?) to be really, really, really careful what they wish for. If their wish is that everyone who's fat stick to a diet -- oops, I mean lifestyle change involving constant hunger, low energy, poor concentration, and perpetual crankiness -- all their lives, all that precious productivity is going to go straight down the john. If you (general you) demand that people wear themselves out working a 20-hour-a-week second job that they don't even get paid for, just so they can look better -- oops, I mean healthier -- for you, don't be shocked when they pour the iced tea pitcher on your head accidentally-on-purpose because they just can't stand one more demand being placed on them, and your seventh refill request was the last straw.

'Okay, so isn't Kelly Brownell a fat guy?'

Thank you Hope!

I think we are just supposed to ignore this, he's gotten upset in the past when it has been pointed out.

Apparently, he wasn't fat when he started out, he's fattened up since studying 'obesity'!

He has what I call a 'five minute fatty' personnae, that is, he's stuck in the adjustment phase that sometimes occurs just after going up in weight, (it happens both ways of course).

He needs to stop opining in ways his body obviously can't cash, that only 'works' for the slim, they're still wrong, but at least their wrongness has some surface feasibility, if nothing else. Tell the truth shame the devil comes to mind.

Mind you, if he did that, what he's doing would no longer make much sense and he'd be out of a job, and with things as they are, well.... now I'm rambling, sorry.

"As someone who has bought about 15 books (including both fad diets and "lifestyle changes"), did Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Atkins, Carbohydrate Addicts, Slim-Fast, Ultra Slim-Fast and tried to lose weight on my own. Was I motivated? Hell yes. Did it last? No. Why didn't it last? Was I lazy? Lacking motivation? Or was it just because I was hungry and stopped losing weight? Ding, Ding, kewpie doll. I had no motivation to continue because I've stopped losing weight and I was thinking of food all the time. I had done no actual life style changes. I continued on the dieting/bingeing roller coaster."

Word, word, wordie mcword. Why don't people realize that most fat people have done everything in their power to try and lose weight, so they can be "normal"? It doesn't matter how much, or how little money you throw at it, and it certainly doesn't matter what your motivation level is; if you body wants to be fat, it's going to be fat. End of story.

Kelly Brownell continues to be confused and confusing, as usual.

Mine was also a "lifestyle change." Hint: no, it actually wasn't.

Fat acceptance is closer to an actual "lifestyle change" than any diet I've been on.

So all these people who have tried numerous diets are just not trying hard enough? Jenny Craig and the other diets he mentions are expensive. I say better to fail for free then give money to the diet industry.

Diet or lifestyle change, the body knows deprivation when it happens and will only tolerate it for so long.

I did Nutrisystem for a month. Absolutely hated it. But because I fell for the "obesity is death" mantra, I bought it again. For my "health," you know. The program is even worse than before - you get next to nothing for food. No, you can't even eat fruits and veggies as you wish. It's starvation. And their packaged food is horrible.

I totally understand your post, and somehow I have to get out of the mindset of "diet." I'm glad I'm not the only one who has experienced these feelings.

I am still in the process of coming to terms with my body. It's really only been within the past year or so that I've entered the world of the fat acceptance movement.

You don't get thin and all of a sudden become happy with who you are. Self-acceptance first then change (whatever that happens to be).

One important thing I've learned though: Food is not the enemy. Your last paragraph really struck home for me.

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