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July 27, 2009


Have fun at the convention. One of these years I will get to go to one, but only if they have it either in Seattle or Portland/Vancouver so I can drive to it.

The BMI is so useless it isn't funny. I do wish they'd get rid of it. I think most doctors cling to it because they want pat, easy answers and it helps them come up with those. Health insurance companies want the same thing. They want patients in and out in as fast a time possible and simply looking up on a chart and saying you're fat, so lose weight and you'll be fine is the best way to do it :P

I followed your link to the Leanworks site. What a nightmare!!! The underlying message is clearly "fat people cost you money." Yet if you look at the actual case studies they provide of "successful" programs, the actual weight loss they achieved is absolutely minimal-- in one case, an average of only 2.6 pounds. The message is pretty clear: even a "successful" program won't make your fat employees thin, and fat people cost you money, so don't hire fat people to begin with! This kind of drumbeating scares the crap out of me.

This BMI issue it serious stuff, the attacks are getting worse, feels like being overweight is the root of all evil. Any ailment now a days and it must be because I'm fat. What is worse is how people treat you, I am a man which is said not to have as much discrimination as woman, this is not true, at least not when it comes to being offered friendship, by either sex.
I felt like crap when at work, being there longer than the new thin co-worker, was never invited to places, at first (when he was not there yet) I thought it as due to the fact most (the other males are other shifts) co-workers are female so maybe they don't want a guy and maybe his wife around, but when my thinner new co-worker got invited everywhere, I was really frustrated (no, he is not gay either), they knew it wasn't right because my thinner friend showed me pictures of the activities and the other ladies just took off.
It really felt bad, I wrote off all my co-workers that day. (doesn't mean I am not nice to them that's for sure)I believe a lot of this stems from being told how evil fat is, so a fat guy most be a bad influence.
I been not-overweight for a short time I know the difference. Basically you even get to be somewhat of a jerk and be liked anyways.

Now my new job is no different, I am easily forgotten, even though I call to check on people when they are sick, and try to remember things people tell me (I'm doing it less and less, seems pointless to pay too much attention to people and ask about family and stuff, doesn't do anything as to them being more proactive in engaging a friendship with me)

Sorry to burst your fat little bubble but even though the BMI chart is flawed in may situations, most physicians can look at a patient and the BMI and make a determination if a patient is obese. Physicians and other clinicians know the the BMI chart is simply a guide and just one of the tools used to determine obesity. Women think that they are targeted unfairly when it comes to BMI tables, but the fact remains that for the most part women simply don't carry the muscle mass that men carry.

As far as Michele and Grandstand comments: You should be worried and upset. Most people try and make changes in their lives when they are worried or upset about things. Maybe it's time to make a positive change in your lives.

I'm appalled by the Leanworks project. Someone's weight is their own private business and their employer should concern themselves only with the employee's work performance. I thought the policing of peoples' behaviour should have gone out of the window with the fall of the Iron Curtain; sadly it is becoming more and more prevalent.

Overweight people can be healthy and thin people unhealthy. A BMI of under 25 does not necessarily denote a healthy body and it says nothing about whether a person will be a good worker or not. Stick the charts in the rubbish where they belong and let people get on with their lives without harassment.

Ed, you obviously don't understand what the definition of obesity is. Basically, it's an individual with a BMI over 30. That's it. It does not measure the health or the lifestyle of that person.

"Maybe it's time to make a positive change in your lives."

Maybe you should butt out of the lives of other people, because nobody asked you in the first place.

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