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March 23, 2009


...or that it would be an acceptable excuse to discriminate against people even if you could prove that fat WAS in and of itself "unhealthy." Not even if you could prove fat people's behavior was the sole cause of their weight.

If I'm not harming YOU (general "you"), it's none of your damn business. Period. And don't invent trumped-up bogus reasons why my fat "harms" you like I'm sucking all the oxygen out of the environment or driving up health care costs just because I won't stop eating, because that's just ludicrous. That anyone actually has to be told that in this day and age is truly pathetic.

And that would be just as true even if everyone could just flip a switch and make themselves thin. I'm old enough to remember a time when young WASP hippie men routinely got the crap beaten out of themselves, sometimes even beaten to death, just for having long hair. I didn't think "well, if you'd just cut your hair and put on a suit, there'd be no problem" was an acceptable excuse for hate when I was 7, and I don't think so now.

scientists took the information from 57 other studies,

This is why, even if I was prepared to spend money to read this 'study' (pause for raucous cackling), is why I cannot take it seriously.

My life is apparently to be cut short by 2-4 years, I'm guessing if they compared that with time I'm supposed to spend 'exercising' and finding out from them what I'm supposed to eat, the latter would be greater than the former.

Great article. Definitely a lot of useful information. I myself am overweight and I hate how some of the tv shows are exploiting overweight people. For example, the biggest loser. They had them pulling cars! How do you feel about this type of tv? Look at the article below and you will see what I mean. Thanks again!

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