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October 03, 2011


Oh you very much CAN have arrhythmias with diets like Atkins, or in my case Dukan. I've done Atkins before, and never had any dramas. But Dukan gave me arrhythmias, to the point that my boss made me go down to the site medical centre. They did a simple EKG-like thing, and determined that I was going to the hospital, STAT. At the hospital they took a very detailed history, took bloods and fluids, hooked me up with about 3000 sticky electrodes, and finally determined that I was in fact not having a heart attack, no was I on the brink of death (because you know, the moment they saw it was a FAT woman, people were planning on what to wear to my funeral...)
As it turns out, my zero carb diet was the culprit, and I was advised to go home, eat some vegies and maybe some fruit, chill out and relax, and see what happened. If the arhythmias continued through the night and into the next morning I was to report back to the hospital at first light.
I went home, had a small amount of mixed vegies, and an apple, and within 45 minutes the arhythmias had comepltely ceased.

I have deprived my body of carbs, like completely totally literally and thoroughly deprived it, and the result was that my heart ws not happy about that.

That ended my involvement with no-to-low carb diets. I figure if doing that for 6 days was enough to cause my heart to skip and jump and flutter and everything thing else it was doing, then what would happen to it long term, and what would it do to my other organs? No, I just couldn't see the sense in pursuing thin in that way.

Naturally, when you're fat, you have ZERO credibility. You can't possibly have any sense, nor can you tell the truth. You consistantly lie to not only everyone around you but yourself as well. You're lazy, unmotivated, slovenly, unkempt, stupid, and otherwise unsuitable to live. OF COURSE your arrhythmias were a figment of your imagination--there's nothing in your head but fat.

(I hope my sarcasm and utter disgust toward people who simply can not accept that fat people are still people and have no less worth simply because they have more body.)

The symptoms you describe make complete sense to me - I was anorexic in my teens and early twenties, and I remember the terrifying way that my heart used to thump, especially when I woke up and was trying to get out of bed. I think it's not necessarily about the low carb thing, but about having very low blood sugar - when I started recovering I started thinking of it as my heart was trying to pump more blood around because it was trying to get more sugar into my depleted cells. The same way your heart rate goes up when you breathe fast and it needs to move oxygen and carbon dioxide through you faster.

Signed and signed.

I stand foursquare against the use of WLS... but more than that, I support the right of people to go into medical facilities reasonably secure in the knowledge that they are in good hands.

Nobody deserves to but put unsuspectingly into the hands of quacks, no matter how much I may not approve of the procedure they are undergoing.

You know, sort of like I don't think I'm likely ever to head in for plastic surgery, but that doesn't mean I want people getting nose jobs and breast implants to suffer needlessly, let alone die.

Safety records are important. It ought to be a no-brainer to take them into consideration when deciding whether or not to allow people to perform surgery on the human body.

100% signed. Also, this was a great blog about Christie, in case you haven't seen it:

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