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January 05, 2009


I was surprised that he couldn't find larger sizes, but I thought it might just have been a quirk of that particular store.

I know that the Marshalls, TJMaxx, A.J. Wright, and Burlington Coat Factory stores around here (Cambridge, MA) have a good selection of men's clothes up through 5X.

Just lose that excess weigh. Nothing else matters. You are obese. Don't do ANYTHING until you remedy that. No food at all in your big belly. Amputate that belly, obese.

Holy toledo! My husband bought that Kevin Trudeau book!
Hey, looks like your previous poster named himself quite well, wouldn't you say?

Misnamed tho, dicks are useful, this troll isn't.

Hi all,

Jupiter, The Marshalls does have a big and tall section. My husband missed it completely. He's a guy.

For Dick, Obese is an *adjective* not a noun. I am very tired of correcting the grammar of people who insult me.

For Sarah, check out Dave Barry's Guidebook to Guys. That's my husband in a nutshell. :-)

For JeanC, dicks are useful, trolls should be grounded into fine paste.

Thanks for the Re/Dress info. I really want to check it out!!! And i love your writing style. you have officially been added to my favs.
rock on!

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